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Avon - AvonAirTM
AvonAirTM is revolutionizing the CBRN environment, delivering user configurable modules, adaptable protection factor, increased time on task, reduced physiological burden and lowest cost of ownership through the systems lifetime. AvonAir is built around adaptable modules; EZAir, MP-PAPR and CS-PAPR. Common to the range is Avon's intelligent EZAir blower motor, which automatically adjusts its flow rate, depending on the number of available filters and the system configuration. This patented design delivers maximum operational flexibility through interchangeable components, allowing for rapid selection between breath assist, powered air and self-contained breathing apparatus as the mission dictates. AvonAir places the user at the core, delivering a substantially smaller, lighter and quieter scalable protection system, which is ergonomically adaptable to meet the needs of the operator and the mission.