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Cocoon - Corrosion Preventative Warehousing & Storage Systems

Cocoon corrosion preventative warehousing and storage systems integrate environmental controls that put the user in complete control of the real-time information needed to drive successful corrosion prevention programming. The value is in cost savings from reduced inspections, improved productivity, and a reduction in maintenance dollars. Cocoon storage provides the optimal environment for the preservation of equipment and readiness accountability. These systems protect from the following:

  • Mould, mildew, and insects
  • Softening of cardboard packaging
  • Corrosion on metals
  • Corrosion on electronics
Maintaining assets in corrosion-free environments neutralize corrosion. In one application, our corrosion-free environment paid for itself in just 5 weeks. Applications include:
  • Aircraft and vehicle storage
  • Warehouses (prepositioned stock, parts, etc.)
  • Ordnance and ECMs
  • Containers
  • Preposition Ships
  • Mothballing facilities
  • Many configurations and options were available. Contact ADS today for ordering information.
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