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Fire and Emergency Services (FES)

Honeywell - Honeywell ABU
  • NFPA 1975 Berry Compliant; UL Certified
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Increased Comfort; Permanent Press Offers:
  • Easy care
  • Limited ironing
  • Resist wrinkles
  • Holds its shape
  • Digital tiger stripe
  • NFPA 1975 non FR
  • 6 oz Cotton
  • Permanent press finish
  • Jacket Features:
  • Button collar
  • Button closure
  • Button closure pockets
  • Button Cuffs
  • Back cargo pocket
  • Pencil pocket
  • Padded elbows
  • Trouser Features:
  • Hand pocket
  • Pleated thigh pocket
  • Large side pocket
  • Belt loops
  • Button fly
  • Men's Jacket Sizes: 32 X-Short to 50 Long; Mil Spec FQ PD-06-08B
  • Men's Trouser Sizes: 28 X-Short to 46 Long; Mil Spec FQ PD-06-11B
  • Women's Jacket Sizes: 2 Short to 20 Regular; Mil Spec FQ PD-06-12B
  • Women's Trouser Sizes: 2 Short to 20 Long; Mil Spec FQ PD-06-13B
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Honeywell - Morning Pride® Turnout Gear

Morning Pride® TAILS™ - The original, zero compromises.

The one and only genuine Morning Pride® TAILS™ system, recognized and established over the years for its proven protection, reliability, and superior option customization.

Morning Pride® EDGE - Proven performance.

Morning Pride® EDGE synergizes advanced design with traditional styling. Designed with ample displacement for all-around comfort, mobility, and performance.

Morning Pride® VIPER - Athletic cut, athletic fit.

Morning Pride® VIPER gear is inspired by the extreme sports industry. The result - ergonomically engineered, cutting-edge athletic gear that shapes to your body and moves with you.

  • Morning Pride TAILS and EDGE styles are available in Structural and Proximity configurations.
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Honeywell - Super Glove Gauntlet

True 3D Hand Shaped. From patented features and proprietary technology to unique materials that offer superior tactility, thinness, feel, and enhanced insulation, the super glove delivers phenomenal dexterity with enhanced protection.

  • Air Spacer™ Thermal Architecture
  • Kevlar®/Nomex® Thermal Liner
  • Black Digiroo™ Digital Kangaroo Grip Palms and Fingers
  • Ultra-thin, Ultra-strong Top Grain Kangaroo Leather on Glove Back
  • Crosstech® Moisture Barrier and Kevlar®/Nomex® Thermal Liner
  • True 3D Hand-shaped Styling
  • Bubble-Flex Finger and Knuckle Construction
  • Wing Thumb™ with Gauntlet Cuff
  • NFPA 1999, NFPA 1971, NFPA 1951, NFPA 1992
  • Regular Sizes: XX-Small - 3X-Large (regular body, fingers and thumb)
  • Cadet Sizes: XX-Small - 3X-Large (regular body with shorter fingers and thumb)
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