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MAC Tools

MAC Tools - 2-Ton Low-Profile Service Jack with Lighting Liftt™
  • With a minimum height of 2-1/2' this jack is specifically designed to get under and lift the lowest sports cars on the market
  • 20' maximum height
  • Extra long low side frames designed for long reach under the car chassis
  • Swift lift technology offers a quicker lift for professional performance
  • Low-profile design for maximum access, which fits easily and safely under vehicle
  • Wide stance and low center of gravity provides optimum stability under load stress
  • Universal joint release mechanism provides precision control of load decent in any handle position
  • Exclusively designed breather plug eliminates air in the hydraulic system, optimizing jack performance
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MAC Tools - 20-Ton Truck Ramps
  • 13.5' wide ramps are specially designed for heavy-duty use
  • The non-skid rubber matting prevents the ramps from moving during loading
  • The T-Handle makes it easy to position the ramps to the desired location
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MAC Tools - 3-Ton Jack & 3-Ton Jack Stands
  • 3-Ton Jack:
  • 3-Ton capacity
  • Rugged chassis and replaceable cylinder
  • Lightning Lift™ design
  • Gives the ability to lift cars and light trucks
  • Patented feature moves lift arm into place with one pump saving time
  • 3-ton capacity for both the jack and the jack stands
  • Pumps faster to save more time
  • Meets all ASME/RALD standards
  • Minimum lift height: 5-1/4'
  • Maximum lift height: 21'
  • Jack Stands (Pair):
  • 3-ton capacity
  • Quick-adjust head
  • Rugged chassis - ability to hold up cars and light trucks
  • One-hand ability to set lift point
  • Long life
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