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Spacesaver - Evidence Storage Lockers
A common weak link in the chain of custody of evidence is the time the evidence leaves the hands of the person who collected it to the time it is appropriately logged in by an evidence technician. With two distinct storage processes that don't require keys for evidence deposit, and a variety of available options and configurations, Spacesaver lockers provide the utmost security and integrity of evidence preservation and retrieval.

NON-PASS-THRU LOCKERS For the non-pass-thru option, evidence is deposited and retrieved from the same self-closing doors, and items can only be removed by authorized personnel. These lockers easily mount against a wall and can be converted into the pass-thru option when needed.

PASS-THRU LOCKERS The pass-thru locker is built into your facility's wall, allowing evidence to be deposited from one side and retrieved from another. The full-size rear door allows evidence technicians and personnel to efficiently remove items and reset the locker openings for future use. Spacesaver also offers an optional front lockout system to automatically lock the front doors when the rear door is open, preventing unauthorized access to the property and evidence room.

More information below:
  • Limitless configurations: Design your ideal configuration or choose from over one hundred (100) front door options
  • Add-on Options: Options such as mail/video slot components, mesh rear doors, and a front lockout system provide piece of mind and ease of use
  • Tamper-Proof: A multipoint dead bolt locking system, double-walled welded doors, and anti-pry tabs provide assurance that evidence won't be compromised
  • Built to Last: Featuring heavy-gauge, welded construction, the lockers have a lifetime of durability
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