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Avon - C50 Mask, Twin Port

The Avon C50 was developed from the US Military Joint Service General Purpose Mask (JSGPM/M50) and is now recognized as the mask of choice for Law Enforcement officers. C50 provides greater operational flexibility, improved communications and longer-lasting comfort while countering multiple threat scenarios CBRN agents, toxic industrial chemicals and toxic industrial materials. The C50 is NIOSH CBRN APR Standard Cap1 approved when outfitted with an approved CBRN filter. The Responder Kit has been specifically developed with the help of industry experts to provide a total CBRN respiratory solution for the end-user. The kit provides a reduced acquisition cost when compared to purchasing the included items separately.

Kit Includes: C50 CBRN Twin Port Mask, Clear and Sunlight Outsert Assemblies, CBRN filter, Riot Agent filter, Mask Carrier and Face form.