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Gantz-Mountain - Tactical WiFi System (TWS)

Our Tactical WiFi System (TWS) is an option for the MT-5 that provides a rapidly deployable stand-alone tactical WIFI network to any environment. Whether operating in a austere location or urban area, this option increases your wireless refresh rates and the amount of data you can transmit during surveillance applications no matter how many Intelligence Sensor Nodes (ISN) you have deployed. It includes custom MT-5 server/viewer software that has been tuned-up and parallelized for high speed data transfer and refresh rates, a ruggedized WIFI router for all condition employment and an out-door WiFi signal extender. It is great for urban applications.

  • Increased bandwidth
  • Increased frame rates for urban applications
  • Extended WiFi Range up to 200 meters LOS
  • Custom MT-5 Server/Viewer Software
  • Ruggedized WiFi Router
  • Outdoor WiFi Extender
  • 100 ft RJ45
  • Indoor WiFi Repeater
  • Accessories
  • Ruggedized transport case