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FLIR - SUGV Mobile Robot
FLIR - SUGV Mobile Robot

FLIR - SUGV Mobile Robot

SUGV is a portable, single-person-lift robot with dexterous manipulation, providing dismounted EOD technicians and other responders with a highly mobile robot that climbs stairs and manipulates objects. SUGV is carried and deployed from packs while on the move. The robot weighs about 30 lb (13 kg) with the manipulator and batteries installed and fits into packs with 9 by 28-inch clearances. Equipped with wide-angle color, IR and zoom cameras, SUGV can maintain on-task for up to six hours. The SUGV manipulator lifts up to 22 lb (10 kg), rotates a continuous 360 degrees, and also supports numerous accessories and disruptor solutions. SUGV is controlled from the uPoint® Multi-Robot Control system, featuring a touchscreen-based tablet controller that allows an operator to select from across the family of connected robots. SUGV uses the MPU5 radio operating on the Wave Relay® MANET, to form a robust network in which robots, operators, and observers seamlessly operate together.