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Galvion - Special Forces Power Management Kit, SPM-622

The Special Forces Power Management Kit (SF-PMK) provides everything the Operator needs to recharge all his batteries and power his kit from any source (solar, vehicle, world-wide AA). Built around the industry-leading SPM-622 intelligent power manager, the lightweight SF-PMK includes a lightweight foldable solar blanket, adapters to charge the most commonly used military and commercial batteries (AA to BB-2590), and cables to power PRC-117, PRC-152, Toughbook, USB and cigarette powered devices, as well as many more. The easy-to-use SF-PMK quickly charges from one to three batteries simultaneously, and powers up to five pieces of gear at once, converting all voltages automatically. The SF-PMK provides all the power conversion and charging the operator needs in the field, saving weight, cube, clutter, and complexity.

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