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Mustang Survival - SentinelTM Series Ð Tactical Operations Dry Suit
Now available in Sepia (aka MASS Grey)! The SentinelTM Series Tactical Operations Dry Suit is a waterproof & breathable constant wear dry suit ideal for users engaged in potentially hostile military and law enforcement maritime operations which require immersed hypothermia protection that wonÕt hinder the primary mission objectives. The MSD674 TO was specifically designed with feedback from Naval Special Warfare, select US federal tactical units and state/ local police SWAT teams. The result is a durable, lighter and better fitting dry suit with features found on industry leading combat and tactical uniforms.
  • Exclusive to the Sentinel series dry suits feature:
  • Mobility Based SizingTM Ð offers users a semi-custom size fit that reduces bulk and increases mobility
  • Rapid Repair TechnologyTM Ð enables users to field replace neck and wrist seals and repair small leaks in an hour or less
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