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Novatio Engineering - EX-POWER 2000 Generator

The Multi-Fuel Expeditionary (EX)-Power generator is capable of running on military grade fuels such as JP-8, F-24, JP-5, and JET-A for US Military applications. The Ex-Power 2000 is one man portable (52 lbs), quiet, easily maintained, and easily deployed. The Ex-Power 2000 will provide 1500 watts of sustained, clean, inverted AC power.

Dimensions: 23'L x 11.5'W x 17'H Specifications:
  • A/C Output:  0-1500W continuous at sea level
  • Peak AC Output: 1500W
  • Fuel Tank Capacity: 0.6 gallons
  • Fuel: JP-8, F-24, JP-5, JET A
  • Auto Temperature Control
  • Ability to Parallel
  • 5-gallon Fuel Extension Kit
Deployment Considerations: Battery Charging, Platoon Power Source for C4ISR Operations, Hybrid Power Systems, TOC Kits, and Mobile Deployable Power