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The Challenge:

Gray Zone or hybrid conflict is a state of widespread conflict that has greater potential for low density of critical casualties dispersed across remote operating areas. In these areas, military medical support is less readily available and mechanisms of injury may be different.[1]

Early initiation of treatment and resuscitation improves outcomes. U.S. military combat medics may be deployed to environments requiring them to stabilize casualties for longer than an hour during a delayed medical evacuation.

Prolonged Field Care (PFC) is field medical care applied beyond doctrinal planning timelines that is sustained until the patient arrives at the next appropriate level of care.
PFC is built around 10 Essential Core Medical Capabilities:
  • Monitor
  • Resuscitate
  • Ventilate & Oxygenate
  • Airway Management
  • Sedation & Pain Control
  • Physical Exam & Diagnostics
  • Ongoing (Nursing) Care
  • Advanced Procedures
  • Telemedicine
  • Prepare for Evacuation

The Solution:

ADS has partnered with its vast supplier network to provide a scalable and customized solution to prepare combat medics for any situation or environment. These medical kits are built around the ten essential core medical capabilities for Prolonged Field Care.

ADS has developed a comprehensive solution for a current challenge facing Army Combat Medics. Proper training and medical equipment are the two focus areas of Prolonged Field Care. ADS has you covered for your medical needs as a one-point source of acquisition. Our medical supplies are readily available, Berry Compliant, and modernized to offer Minimum, Better, and Best levels of care.

We anticipate the future threat environment may require casualty care holding that exceeds current evacuation planning factors (i.e. the Golden Hour).”

– LTG Nadja West, Army Surgeon General addressing the Senate Committee on Appropriations, March 2017

Watch a Prolonged Field Care Simulation from SOMSA, focusing on combat casualty care and tactical field care.

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[1] REISBERG, L., & LOOS, S. (2017, January). The Loss of the Golden Hour [Editorial]. Special Warfare30(1), 49-51. Retrieved from