Knights Armament Company

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Core Capabilities


Knight’s Armament Company was founded as a Research & Development facility more than 30 years ago. They have since evolved into a premier weapons manufacturer offering complete weapon systems, modular accessories and Knight Vision electro-optics. Knight’s is best known for their advanced developments in weapon designs and accessories, with R&D, manufacturing, assembly, and testing—all performed at their facility in Titusville, FL.

Rail-Mounted Accessories
Converter Kits

Knight's Armament Products


These are just a sampling of the products we offer. Call 866.845.3012 or send us your contact information through our contact form.

  • Knight's Armament – 20-ROUND SR-25 MAGAZINE

  • Knight's Armament – 200m-600m Flip-Up Rear Sight

  • Knight's Armament – 30MM/34MM M110 SASS MOUNT

  • Knight's Armament – 45 Offset Rail Mounted Micro 200m-600m Folding Sight Kit

  • Knight's Armament – 5.56MM QDSS NT4 KIT

  • Knight's Armament – A/N PVS-30 US ARMY SNS KIT

  • Knight's Armament – M110K1 CONVERSION KIT

  • Knight's Armament – M4 Carbine RAS

  • Knight's Armament – M5 Rifle RAS

  • Knight's Armament – Micro 200m-600m Flip-Up Rear Sight

  • Knight's Armament – Micro 300m Flip-Up Rear Sight

  • Knight's Armament – Micro Rail Mounted Folding Front Sight