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Princeton Tec - Emergency Strobe/Beacon Light
The Meridian Strobe/Beacon is an emergency and locator light visible for over a mile when activated. The toggle switch allows for operation of red and white strobing modes. The body is designed to be low-profile and adaptable to a wide range of uses: easy attachment to hardhat or any 1' webbing is possible. Built to withstand the rigors of extreme evironments, the light will make it through the most brutal weather with its waterproof / IPX8 rating. POWER: 100 Lumens LAMP: 1 White Maxbright LED (flashing), 1 Red Maxbright LED (flashing) BURN TIME: 100 hours BATTERIES: 3 AAA Alkaline WEIGHT: 3.5oz / 101g WATER RESISTANT: IPX8
Model Item #
Meridian Strobe/Beacon ST-BK/ST-NY