ADS Q2 2020 Publication

ADS, Inc. is excited to present the ADS Quarterly Publication: Warrior Edition, an 84-page magazine filled with top products from industry-leading suppliers and informative articles to help you increase lethality, maximize survivability and optimize performance.

In this edition, we are focused on Readiness in the Age of Innovation, giving you a look at how ADS supports your readiness requirements (pg. 42). The ability to mobilize, deploy, move and sustain the force is directly tied to mission success. In a time when technology moves faster than the supply chain and missions outpace budgets, leveraging ADS’s thousands of suppliers is critical.

This ADS Quarterly Publication includes:

  • UAS Countermeasures: Detect. Identify. Mitigate. (Page 10)
  • Aerospace: Readiness, when it matters most. (Page 26)
  • ADS Veteran: CWMD Market Manager Scott Bryant (Page 32)

  • Counter Weapons of Mass Destruction: CWMD Solutions (Page 62)
  • Simulation Training: Realistic Training Provides Real-World Experience (Page 72)
  • RATIS: Next-Generation Special Ops Life Preserver (Page 79)

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