Avon – FM54 Mask


The Avon fire hardened FM54 Air Purifying Respirator provides Specialist Operators maximum level of protection to the face, eyes and respiratory tract from Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN), Riot Agents, Toxic Industrial Chemicals (TICS) and Toxic Industrial Materials while maintaining extreme user flexibility as mission profiles change. The FM54 functions in both negative and positive pressure modes (APR, SCBA, CCBA and PAPR). The enhanced, robust lever located on the VREU (Variable Resistance Exhalation Unit), switches mode from positive to negative pressure without removal of optional VPU (Voice Projection Unit) or loss of protection. The FM54 is NIOSH CBRN APR Standard Cap1 approved when outfitted with a CBRNCF50 filter, and when deployed with the CTCF50 filter it is NIOSH 42 CFR84 approved to protect against riot control agents such as CS-CN and OC.  The FM54 is NIOSH approved with and without the Voice Projection Unit.

The Avon FM54 Specialist Kit includes FM54 CBRN Twin Port Mask, Clear and Blueblocker Outsert Assemblies, CBRN Filter and Riot Agent filter, Mask Carrier and Faceform.

Model Item #
FM54 APR Assembly, Twinport – Large 72850-4
FM54 APR Assembly, Twinport – Medium 72850-3
FM54 APR Assembly, Twinport – Small 72850-2
FM54 APR Assembly, Twinport – X-Small 72850-1
FM54 Twinport Specialist Responder Kit – Large 70501-697-4
FM54 Twinport Specialist Responder Kit – Medium 70501-697-3
FM54 Twinport Specialist Responder Kit – Small 70501-697-2
FM54 Twinport Specialist Responder Kit – X-Small 70501-697-1





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