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Berg offers fresh water and waste pumps individually or in pump sets to meet customers’ needs.

The fresh water pump is designed with a 3 HP pump and 8-1/2 gallon pressure tank that is capable of a 40 GPM throughput. It is designed to hold plumbing pressure up to 60psi. The built in pressure gauge is conveniently located to allow easy access and viewing. Pumps are equipped with three independently valved 1 ½” Outputs; one 1 ½” Input, and one ¾” Input. The Pump measures 2’-2” x 2’-1/4” x 1’-10” and weights 85lbs.

The Waste pump has custom control box to allow automatic function and the ability to switch over to manual control when desired. To ease cleanout of grinder pump, each pump is designed with flexible P-traps and an integrated drain. Each pump comes with a removable Power-Tee Electrical Box and is equipped with two 3” Black Water Inputs; one 2” Grey Water Input, and one 2” Output. The Pump measures 28.4” x 24.5” x 2’-1 1/4” and weights 205 lbs
Both Fresh and Waste pump housings are constructed of aluminum and have a thermal powder coating and brass fittings which enhance durability and longevity.

Model Item Number
Berg Grinder Pump (Waste Ejection), Tan GRPUMP-60016
Berg Grinder Pump (Waste Ejection), Green GRPUMP-60017
Berg Fresh Water Pump (Supply), Tan FWPUMP-60017
Berg Fresh Water Pump (Supply), Green FWPUMP-60018





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