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The FlexLight-Stick™ is a unique, reusable alternative to chemical light sticks. When gearing up or on mission, it's far to easy to bend and inadvertently activate traditional chemical-sticks, making them useless when needed later. The FlexLight-Stick can be twisted, or bent, during storage or mission and with a twist of the end cap, the FlexLight-Stick turns on when needed – not before. FlexLight-Sticks are offered in numerous colors including Infrared.

The FlexLight-Stick Constant ON (pictured far left) is a direct replacement for a chemical light sick with the added ability to turn ON or Off as needed. The Flashing FlexLight Stick (pictured center) delivers a Flashing signal. The Flashing FlexLight Sticks extended battery life makes it an ideal choice when several days of marking are needed. The FlexLight-Stick Multi-Mode (pictured far right) has both Constant ON, and Flashing modes. Replaceable batteries and Helmet / Fixed point mount are also available.

  • Light Color: Amber, Blue, Green, IR, Red, UV, White.
  • Length: 4.6″
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Print Model Print Item Number NSN Number
Flexlight Stick 4.6″ Amber 907517A
Flexlight Stick 4.6″ Blue 907517B
Flexlight Stick 4.6″ Green 907517G
Flexlight Stick 4.6″ IR 907517IR
Flexlight Stick 4.6″ Red 907517R
Flexlight Stick 4.6″ White 907517W
Flexlight Stick 4.6″ White 907517W
Flexlight Stick 4.6″ UV 907517UV
Flashing Flexlight Stick 4.6″ Amber 907519A
Flashing Flexlight Stick 4.6″ Blue 907519B
Flashing Flexlight Stick 4.6″ Green 907519G
Flashing Flexlight Stick 4.6″ IR 907519IR
Flashing Flexlight Stick 4.6″ Red 907519R
Flashing Flexlight Stick 4.6″ White 907519W
Flexlight Stick Multi-Mode 4.6″ Amber 907521A
Flexlight Stick Multi-Mode 4.6″ Blue 907521B
Flexlight Stick Multi-Mode 4.6″ Green 907521G
Flexlight Stick Multi-Mode 4.6″ IR 907521IR
Flexlight Stick Multi-Mode 4.6″ Red 907521R
Flexlight Stick Multi-Mode 4.6″ White 907521W
MK Keychain Battery Carrier (includes six replacement batteries) 906116
Flexlight Mount 907251




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