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Field Forensics

Detect and differentiate trace or visible amounts of fentanyl & heroin. The new Model DXC-001 gives law enforcement a new, much safer and much more accurate kit, it identifies fentanyl, fentanyl derivatives, and heroin using two analytical techniques. The device is safer because the sample pen needs just a trace amount of material – samples can be taken from residues on paraphernalia such as spoons, pipes, and edges of plastic bags, etc. It’s more because color appears in different locations on a test card eliminating confusion between heroin, fentanyl and derivatives and other drugs. It also separates common cutting agents and adulterants such as diphenhydramine (BenadrylTM).


  • DXC-001 is safer and more accurate than typical colorimetric tests and detects at trace levels.
  • It also uses two SWGDRUG analysis categories to give the user much more confidence in proper identification.

3″L x 2″W x 1″H

The Scientific Working Group presents three categories for the identification of Seized Drugs (SWGDRUG) – A, B and C. Category C is the weakest and A is the strongest. Category C is “Selectivity through General or Class Information” and Category B is “Selectivity through Chemical and Physical Characteristics”.
DXC.001 employs techniques from TWO categories – B & C. FFI's color tests use reagents that are constructed in accordance with the National Institute of Justice standard “Color Test Reagents/Kits for Preliminary Identification of Drugs of Abuse 0604.01”



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