Leidos – XPOSE XP Portable X-Ray System

The Xpose Portable X-Ray (Xpose XP) CR and DR Imaging System, provides a unique multi-function capability in a single kit. The Xpose XP is both a real-time imager and a flat-bed scanner for single and mosaic digital imaging panels. The Xpose XP can be used wired, wirelessly, or unwired/unpowered for operations in denied areas and environments where minimal electronic signature is desired. The Xpose XP is light weight, compact and IP67 rugged for use in any extreme environment. No external antennas, cables or power supplies are required simplifying set-up and time down range. Xpose XP is an excellent general purpose field radiography system delivering excellent image quality, mission flexibility and user friendly design.

The Xpose system employment follows the general CONOPS associated with both Digital Radiography (DR) and Computed Radiography (CR) imaging. Xpose XP retains a key advantage of the previous-generation film-based systems: the ability to acquire and store the X-ray images on thin plates for getting into tight spaces and for creating mosaics to capture larger targets in a single approach.

Removable Digital Image Plates and Mosaic System
A unique feature of the Xpose XP is the ability to remove image plate from the imager providing maximum image acquisition flexibility from zero edge (no border) images to tiling multiple plates into large mosaic panels. The Xpose imager doubles as a flat-bed scanner (similar to a photocopier) for processing one to twelve image plates and the ability to stitch these together into a single image. With one kit, operators can do rapid clearing of unexploded ordnance or suspicious targets in real-time mode and acquire single shot images of larger targets like 55 gallon drums, shipping crates, vehicles, etc., in mosaic mode.

Xpose XP is designed, manufactured and serviced in the U.S.A. Components used in manufacturing are compliant with the specialty metals restriction of the Berry Amendment (10 U.S.C. 2533a and 2533b) in accordance with DFARS clauses 252.225-7008 and 252.225-7009. Xpose XP is controlled under the EAR – Export Administration Regulations with an ECCN of 1A999.b -Radiographic Detection Equipment.

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