MacroTrac – Supa-Trac™ X-Press


Supa-Trac X-Press is the ultimate lightweight pedestrian decking system. Sharing the traditional Supa-Trac design, it conforms to almost all ground types and conditions, yet it is thinner and has a lighter panel weight. At only 3.3 pounds per panel, this portable flooring product is easy to handle and requires no tools for installation making it among the fastest on the market to install and remove. Supa-Trac X-Press can be laid over any shape and area, and its durability makes it the ideal temporary flooring solution for exhibitions, access routes, and pathways. ADA-compliant edging ramps are also available to reduce the risk of tripping hazards.

  • Panel Size: 39.0 x 11.3 x 1.1” (L x W x H)
  • Panel Area: 2.30 Sq Ft
  • Panel Weight: 3.3 lbs
  • High-Impact Polypropylene with UV Inhibitors
  • Load Capacity: 36,000 lbs / Sq Ft (250 psi)
  • Fire Ratings: UL94HB, ASTM 2859


Products are available for DOD, Federal, State and Local Government Agency ordering.
ADS cannot quote or fulfill personal orders.

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