Normatec by Hyperice – Pulse Pro 2.0 Full Body Recovery System

Normatec by Hyperice

Normatec Pulse 2.0 Full Body Recovery System comes will bilateral lower extremity attachments, bilateral upper extremity attachments, and bilateral hip attachment. All attachments are anatomically designed with reinforced stitching and premium materials for trusted durability and quality. Gapless compression ensures accuracy with Normatec’s patented Pulse Massage Pattern. Leg attachments are available in three different length sizes and power widths for extra room to provide a tailored fit. Features Compact and lightweight (3.4 lb device) and an integrated battery makes it easy to travel with the system and enjoy recovery benefits on-the-go. Tailor time, pressure, and zone settings in both devices.

Select from three different programs on the Pulse Pro 2.0:

  • Recovery Flush – cycles through Normatec’s patented pulsing action for the allotted amount of time at the set intensity level. (Levels 1-10).
  • Rehab – offers preprogrammed settings for the attachment being used (legs, arms, or hips).
  • Custom – select the exact time and pressure you would like in each zone. During your session, you can increase the intensity of a single zone with the Zone Boost feature. This feature is designed to be used when you want extra attention in a specific area. It will add an extra 60 seconds of massage time, as well as 10mmHg increased pressure, in the selected zone.


  • Control your device from your phone
  • Save and restore favorite settings
  • Track and share recovery stats
  • Upload recovery data to your other training and tracking apps (Strava and Training Peaks)

Normatec started as a medical company – science is in our DNA. Studies show that Normatec’s patented technology:

  • Lessens pain sensitivity
  • Increases ROM
  • Treats DOMS
  • Decreases muscle fatigue
  • Clears metabolites passively

TAA Compliant, FDA CLASS 2 Medical Device, TSA Approved


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