Subsalve – Mark V Orca Underwater Ordnance Disposal System


The Mark V Orca Underwater Ordnance Disposal System can be deployed by a single diver from a remote location, such as an inflatable boat, and is designed to operate to full lift capacity to a depth of 170’/52m with twin cylinder pack and 330’/100m with quad cylinder pack. This self-contained system is specifically designed for the removal of underwater mines, weapons, or explosives. The Mark V Orca Underwater Explosive Ordnance Disposal System replaces the obsolete U.S. Navy Mark II Mod 1 Flotation Bladder of which Subsalve has delivered over 200 units over the last decade. The new Mark V System is an improved commercial version employing state-of-the-art materials and manufacturing technologies and is currently in use by navies worldwide. Warrantee: 1 year for all parts and labor.

  • Available Colors: Red, Green, Yellow
  • Multiple sizes available. Contact ADS for more information.
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Model Item Number
1100 lb Mark V Orca System MVO-1000
2500 lb Mark V Orca System MVO-2500
4400 lb Mark V Orca System MV0-4000





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