WMDTech – XTK Grid Aim System


The XTK Grid Aim System provides the bomb technician with the ability to rapidly target individual components within a device with extreme accuracy using standard precision tools such as the PAN and Golden X-Ray sources. During demos, users were able to light up the terminals of standard 9V battery inside a large 30 gallon container repeatedly, quickly, and easily from a distance of 12 feet away.

The XTK Grid Aim System works in conjunction with X-Ray Tool Kit (XTK) software to provide a precision firing solution within a minute of having a good x-ray scanners currently out (MMX, ScanX, Logos, Kodak ACR2000, RTR-4 (the ARS for Navy EOD), and even wet film scanned into a flatbed scanner), and also adds capabilities such as Grid Aim to the bomb technician.

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XTK Grid Aim System GASF003





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