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Spacesaver - Parachute Rack

When you trust your life to your parachute you can trust Cantilever Rack for Parachutes by Spacesaver to store it safely and securely. The durable and user-friendly Cantilever Rack optimally stores parachutes out of harm's way. Combine Cantilever Rack with a Spacesaver high-density mobile system to achieve the best in asset protection, use of floor space, and security. Standard features include:

  • Single and double face units available
  • Sizes up to 136"H x 48"W x 30"D single sided or 57"D double sided. Length of rack determined by room layout.
  • Adjustable parachute arms accommodate different size bags for changing needs
  • Adjustable on 6" increments vertically
  • Parachute arm designed to be moved horizontally along horizontal supports
  • Parachute arms are securely held in place by a thumb nut, eliminating the need to use tools
  • All materials used in the fabrication of the Parachute Rack are 'non-reactive", preventing degradation of the stored materials
  • All corners are rounded and all exposed edges are meticulously deburred to prevent snagging or puncturing of stored materials
  • Canopy tops and shelves are interchangeable
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