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Western Global - TransCube Standby 50TCG (1204GAL)

The TransCube Global 50TCG is our flagship product, designed for running generators, heaters and coolers; ideal for camps. This range is transportable, environmentally friendly and offers an efficient solution for onsite fuelling and auxiliary fuel supply holds 1204 US Gallons.

  • LOCKABLE EQUIPMENT CABINET - Equipment and ports are secure and spills are contained.
  • GALVANIZED FRAME - Strong, durable, reliable and secure structure with added protection from bumps and scratches.
  • INTERNAL BAFFLES - Designed to maximize stability when handling the tank full of fuel.
  • DOUBLE WALLED - Built-in, weatherproof secondary containment eliminates the need for drip trays.
  • ACCESS HATCH - Allows access to inner tank for easy routine maintenance and inspection.
  • CORNER BRACKETS & FORKLIFT POCKETS - Liftable by crane and easily stackable: two high full and three high empty.
  • REMOVABLE INNER TANK - For routine cleaning, maintenance and inspection.
  • DOT approved
  • UN Marked
  • UL Approved
Additional Information
Dimensions: 90.87 x 90.87 x 52.13 IN/2308 x 2308 x 1324 MM
Weight (Empty/Full): 3,695 / 13,744 LBS or 1,680 / 6,600 KG
Material: 5 & 3mm/MS