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Western Global - TransTank Global 100TT (2510GAL)

The TransTank Global 100TT is a fully transportable, 110% self bunded (double wall) fuel storage container that was designed for bulk fuel transfer and emergency fuel supply. Built to ISO container dimensions, the TransTank Global allows for simplified shipping by road, rail or sea, holding 2,510 US Gal.

  • EQUIPMENT CABINET - Lockable equipment cabinet that secures all ports and fittings, as well as captures all spills and drips. Secure hose access anables fueling while cabinet is locked.
  • ISO CONTAINER DIMENSIONS - Built to ISO container dimensions allow simplified shipping by road, rail or sea full of fuel.
  • SECURE HOSE ACCESS - Letterbox-style ports to enable continuous fueling while cabinet is locked.
  • STACKABLE - Container designs allows stacking up to six high when full, reducing storage space required
  • FORKLIFT POCKETS - Forklift pockets for easy movement when empty.
  • CYLINDRICAL INNER TANK - Cylindrical inner tank to comply with transport regulations.
  • ACCESS HATCH - Easy access to inner tank for routine maintenance and cleaning.
  • 110% BUNDED - Built-in, weather proof bund.
  • ULC
  • UN Approved
Additional Information
Dimensions: 239 x 96 x 96 IN/6,058 x 2,438 x 2,438 MM
Weight: 14,330 LBS/6,500 KG
Material: Carbon Steel