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Our Commitment

We are committed to consistently providing every customer with Legendary Customer Service. We take pride in delivering on these promises. If at any time, you feel we've fallen behind on any of these commitments, we'd like to know. Give us a call or email us at

24/7 Support

All customers have access to their rep during business hours, or an emergency line at 866.845.3012 any other time. We are here when you need us.

24-Hour Response Time

Emails, phone calls and texts will be returned within one business day.

  • Expect to easily reach ADS employees during normal business hours
  • Expect 24-hour customer service–call us any time at 866.845.3012
  • Expect a response to phone calls and emails within 24 hours
  • Expect a quote only if we can commit to the requirement's time constraints
  • We strive to meet or exceed delivery requirements, so expect us to notify you immediately if a delivery date is in jeopardy

for immediate assistance, call

Frequently Asked Questions

/// How do I make a purchase? I can’t find prices on your website.

Call, chat, or email us. ADS has subject matter experts ready to support your requirement and provide you with several of the best solutions. Each customer is assigned a team of sales representatives that personally send you pricing, help you navigate the government buying process and answer any questions.

/// I can’t find what I need on your website. How do I know if you sell it?

We have a core list of suppliers that we work with represented in our online catalog. However, the list is constantly expanding as we source new technology and equipment. Our website and print catalogs display a fraction of the items we’re able to provide you.

/// Where can I see if you sell a particular manufacturer/ brand?

ADS works with thousands of manufacturers, and we’re constantly adding more based on your mission requirements. If you’re wondering about a specific item or brand, just ask. Most of the time, the answer is yes.

/// What do you have in stock?

Call, chat or email us to check equipment availability. ADS maintains minimal stock of commonly purchased operational and tactical equipment. However, we frequently work with manufacturers to deliver goods on expedited notice. If a specific item isn’t available when you need it, we’ll provide an alternative.

/// Where is the ADS store located?

ADS does not currently have a storefront. Please contact your sales representative if you’re interested in viewing or testing equipment. We will do our best to ensure peace of mind prior to your purchase.

/// What items does ADS have on GSA?

ADS has an extensive list of products on six different GSA schedules. You can view a list of manufacturers on the GSA Advantage site search for ADS, INC as the contractor. Don’t hesitate to call us if you’re looking for a specific item. We are constantly adding and modifying these contracts to better serve you.

/// Where can I check the status of my order or track my shipment?

ADS's Customer Portal provides live status updates for your order and tracking numbers. Learn more about our Customer Portal features or visit

/// What are ADS’ government ID codes—specifically NAICS Code, DUNS Number and CAGE Code?

NAICS Code: ADS is classified under 70+ NAICS codes.
DUNS: 027079776
CAGE Code: 1CAY9
ADS, Inc. is a small business

/// Can I buy items for myself?

ADS is a provider of operational equipment to the U.S. and allied Armed Forces, first responders, vetted government contractors, emergency responders and officers. At this time, we are unable to accept personal purchases. We recommend you contact any of the following businesses:
Tactical Distributors: 866.916.6905
Safeware, Inc.: 800.331.6707
Lawmen’s: 800.426.3486