Basic Concepts – Rigid Lock Quickberm

Basic Concepts

The revolutionary Rigid Lock Quickberm™ is the next generation in portable, secondary containment. Wall set up is fast, sure, and most of all, clean outside or inside supports, no loose parts, no tripping hazards, no assembly.

  • Features revolutionary built-in, rigid-lock brace supports
  • Stands up to corrosive solvents and extended wear
  • Provides faster deployment-stronger structural integrity
  • Simply unfold and drive in
  • Walls set up to a full 90
  • Compact folded size for easier storage.
  • Available in modified vinyl or heavy duty polyurethane
Model Item Number
4'x6'x1′ Rigid Lock Quickberm 1050-01746-105
10'x10'x1′ Rigid Lock Quickberm 1050-01799-105
10'x12'x1′ Rigid Lock Quickberm 1050-02125-105
10'x16'x1′ Rigid Lock Quickberm 1050-01762-105
12'x12'x1′ Rigid Lock Quickberm 1050-01861-105
10'x20'x1′ Rigid Lock Quickberm 1050-01834-105
12'x26'x1′ Rigid Lock Quickberm 1050-01794-105
12'x30'x1′ Rigid Lock Quickberm 1050-01750-105
12'x36'x1′ Rigid Lock Quickberm 1050-01937-105
12'x46'x1′ Rigid Lock Quickberm 1050-02159-105
14'x40'x1′ Rigid Lock Quickberm 1050-02160-105
14'x54'x1′ Rigid Lock Quickberm 1050-01752-105





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