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The Finger Light is a compact, focused short-range lighting tool providing the user with immediate supplemental light to aid in the performance of critical tasks. Originally designed for pilots, the popularity of these simple-to-use lights have made them required tools for ground forces, battle tank, medical personnel and logistics staff. The MK 1 finger light is recommended for pilots where one hand operation is needed. The MK10 is designed for extreme environments and is water and chemical resistant. The MK10 Finger Light is also available in ultraviolet (UV) for security, medical or EOD use. Batteries included.

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Print Model Print Item Number NSN Number
Finger Light MK1 Amber 907111A
Finger Light MK1 Blue 907111B
Finger Light MK1 Bright Green 907111G
Finger Light MK1 IR, IR-17 907111IR
Finger Light MK1 Night Vision Green, IR-17G 907111NVG 6230-01-411-0814
Finger Light MK1 Red 907111R
Finger Light Mk1 White 907111W
Finger Light MK10 Amber 907118A
Finger Light MK10 Blue 907118B
Finger Light MK10 Bright Green 907118G
Finger Light MK10 IR 907118IR
Finger Light MK10 Night Vision Green 907118NVG
Finger Light MK10 Red 907118R
Finger Light MK10 White 907118W
Finger Light MK10 Ultraviolet 907118UV
MK Keychain Battery Carrier (includes six replacement batteries) 906116




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