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Power Hawk

Power Hawk - Power Pack and Battery Charger

The PWR-12MP Power Pack is a vented portable battery pack that utilizes a 33 amp-hour valve-regulated lead-acid battery. The PWR-12MP Power Pack comes equipped with two red 'Power Output' plugs which can provide power to two devices simultaneously, including the PC-100 Controller Unit for P-16 Rescue Tool operation or other accessories such as the portable winch, Sawzall, circular saw, impact wrench, ventilator fan, air bag compressor, and more. A charge indicator and test button are provided so that the user can visually check the charge state of the internal battery. The PWR-12MP Power Pack includes a battery charger port for connection to the required battery charger (i.e. Model BC-U1) also available.

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Power Hawk - Joint Forces Extrication - Portable Ventilator Fan Kit

Tough, durable and versatile ...Combines the weather, chemical and dent resistance of a double-wall, polyethylene shell with a high performance, polypropylene fan blade. Detachable in seconds, the Kwik-coupler canister conveniently reverses from the discharge to the suction, making use and storage easier while protecting the duct from rips and tears. For manholes, tanks, cableways, vaults, or other confined spaces, this kit provides the means to safely and efficiently ventilate.


  • Model FAN8-12V Portable Ventilating Fan, 12 VDC
  • Model FAN-7004CL Canister Duct, 25 Ft.
  • Model PWR-12MP Power Pack, 12V
  • Model BC-U1 Battery Charger
  • Model EC4-16 Extension Cables, 16 Ft.
  • Model JC4-16 Jumper Cables, 16 Ft.
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