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Lirces 3 - ICS Scope Adapter Ring
Lirces 3's Scope Specific Adapter Rings are made of high-quality aluminum that is made to screw into the ISC and allow the entire ISC unit to screw into the objective or eyepiece of a specific scope. This provides a sleek, compact, durable option that can also be interchanged with the rubber boot in seconds and with no tools. Created based on feedback from Scout Snipers and SOTIC level two course.

  • Made of MIL-SPEC aluminum
  • Hard coat anodized in a flat finish
  • Increases the ruggedness of ISC attachment to optic
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Lirces 3 - Internal Scope Cap (ISC)
The Internal Scope Cap (ISC) was built with combat operations and tactical advantages in mind. Redesigned from the ground up using the best materials available and designed to provide a fully mission-customizable Advanced Optical Protection Device (AOPD). The ISC provides anti-reflection with an iris assembly and a laser filter unit, or protective lens, in a single unit or part.

  • Stacked Optic Detection mitigation, a growing risk on modern battlefield
  • Operator eye protection via Laser Filter Units
  • Optical system protection: Objective lens is shielded from the environment
  • Glint, glare protection via Anti-Reflective Device
  • Works flawlessly in real-world conditions with no degradation of performance
  • Logistically supportable
  • Rifle Scopes
  • Binoculars
  • Spotting Scopes
  • Night Vision Goggles
  • Thermals Cameras
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Lirces 3 - ISC Laser Filter Unit (LFU)
The Laser Filter Unit (LFU) is placed behind the IRIS and is used to protect the user's eye from incoming dangerous friend or foe lasers. In addition to offering laser protection, the LFU keeps the host device's objective lens protected from the elements. The LFU is indexable within the adapter so that the 4¡ angle can be oriented appropriately. FEATURES:
  • Protects operators' eyes?
  • Protects expensive optics?
  • Protects against glint, glare?
  • Greatly reduces or eliminates OA
  • Logistically supportable
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