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Transport Vehicles and Accessories

Nomad GCS - Tactical Surveillance Trailer & Tactical Network Trailer (TST & TNT)

The Nomad TST was engineered from the ground up to provide a light weight, quickly deployable and remote manageable trailer platform to deliver and extend video surveillance capabilities and MESH network coverage. With an integrated solar powered battery system and available generator backup, the TST can operate for up to 30 days without on-site user intervention.

Equipped with 12U's of vibration isolated electronics shelter space and deployable tower heights up to 50' the TST can deliver multi-camera HD quality PTZ video surveillance tools, network extension solutions and LMR support to remote operations.

Designed to provide infrastructure replacement and extension capabilities, the all aluminum TST is available in standard heavy duty or optional ruggedized platforms and can be utilized as a stand-alone resource or seamlessly operate as a network node in a larger ad-hoc MESH network environment.

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