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Galvion - Adaptive Battery Charger
Galvion - Adaptive Battery Charger

Galvion - Adaptive Battery Charger

The Adaptive Battery Charger is an intelligent battery charging system that is uniquely flexible. Built to withstand the harsh conditions of expeditionary operations, the Adaptive Battery Charger can draw power from virtually any source, and can charge different types of batteries simultaneously - with no reprogramming needed. The intelligent plug-and-play power management system automatically evaluates the power source and adjusts charge rates to maximize power and minimize charge time. This lightweight, rugged, charging system reduces weight and bulk, simplifies logistics, and enhances operational capability - so troops can focus on their mission, not their batteries.

  • ADAPTABILITY - Plug-in adapter cups quickly connect different battery types in a single step - without any user programming required
  • PRIORITY CHARGING - Tops off the fullest battery first, to get you back to your mission as fast as possible, with a full battery
  • FAST, EFFICIENT, AND FLEXIBLE - simultaneously charges different types of batteries quicker and more efficiently than other military battery chargers
  • PROVEN CAPABILITY - Used and trusted by troops around the world, including segments of the U.S. Air Force, U.S. Army, U.S. Marine Corps, international military forces, first responder teams, and commercial users
  • RUGGED DURABILITY - Impact-resistant, waterproof case ensures reliable operation in austere environments
Additional Information
Model Part Number
Adaptive Battery Charger 013-453