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BSEC limited

BSEC Limited -  REBA Rechargeable Emergency Breathing Apparatus
The BSEC REBA is designed for use in field conditions and the device is intended tobe robust, hardwearing and the design of the REBA reflects this. REBA provides are-chargeable device that can be refilled in field conditions from conventional divecylinders, or compressed air pump. REBA is designed for use in an emergency eitherin a water, smoke ,or gas filled area. The REBA range is designed to be worn by theoperator in a number of different ways. The REBA 1 & 2 versions are contained withina neoprene sleeve and worn on the wrist or forearm. REBA 3-6 can be incorporatedinto the wearers' MOLLE System or equipment pouches. All of the REBA variantsdeliver an instantaneous source of breathable, compressed air without the needfor manually activating, priming or purging the device. Unlike like the current STASSalternative, REBA can be used in a handsfree manner.

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