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Plank Road Technologies

Plank Road Technologies - Low Oxygen Content (LOC) System

The Low Oxygen Content (LOC) System is a portable system that reduces oxygen within the SecurePac while also removing humidity and particulates. The result is a steady internal environment that prevents oxidation-related corrosion such as rust, mold and mildew. Once connected, it not only extracts these ingredients that cause oxidation, but also vacuum seals the contents within minutes. Once the desired oxygen percentage has been reached, the LOC System is disconnected from the SecurePac. The result is a mobile, compacted, tamper evident storage unit that protects contents while extending their shelf life.

  • Lowers oxygen levels, preventing oxidation of contents
  • Extracts humidity and particulates
  • Vacuum seals
  • Mobile
  • Long-term storage and protection
  • Rust, corrosion and mildew prevention
  • Safe containment of flammable materials
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Plank Road Technologies - The SecurePac

The SecurePac is a durable, reusable, and airtight covering that fully encapsulates assets as they are stored or transported. It provides a weatherproof mobile shelter that will withstand the punishing effects of handling while sheltering your goods from the external environment. We utilize military grade valves, a hermetically sealing zipper, and the most lightweight, durable materials on the market. The SecurePac far surpasses any other protective coverings offered today.

  • Gas and liquid tight
  • Tamper evident
  • Durable, stackable, reusable
  • Vacuum seals
  • Custom sized
  • Long-term storage and transport
  • Weather Protection
  • Reduced storage footprint
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