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Rampart International Corp.

Rampart - CEW Testing Chamber
The Rampart CEW chamber provides a system for deployment of Conducted EnergyWeapons in a safe, controlled environment. CEW Users can conduct daily function tests, scheduled downloads or test malfunctioning cartridges safely and effectively. The CEW Testing Chamber was carefully designed for the safety of the user while providing a functional testing method.

  • The chamber decreases decibel output by over 50%, reducing disruptions to other staff during monthly downloads.
  • Probes from accidental discharges are captured and contained within the testing chamber.
  • The operator can visually see the arcing during testing without needing to look directly at the CEW, protecting the user. The risk of injury during required daily testing of the CEW is eliminated.

The CEW Testing Chamber is Patent Pending and is used by Canadian, American and British police services.

This device has been certified by an accredited certification and field evaluation facility after undergoing rigorous testing. The CEW Testing Chamber is available exclusively through Rampart.

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