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Trango Systems

Trango Systems - Shoot House Expert Kit
An advanced training infrastructure designed to simulate an urban training environment in a modular manner. Trango's training infrastructure enables the trainee to experience a live fire in a closed room with no risk of ricochets. The infrastructure can be set up to simulate different building types, thus allowing the trainee to adjust to any operational environment or operational need.

The expert kit enables high-difficulty training. The added infrastructure allows one to set up more complex structures, thus enhancing the training difficulty and effectiveness.
The kit allows for 'hybrid' training including live-fire training, training ammunition, laser training, and can even be integrated with AR systems.

The kit has many uses and advantages:

  • Simulates various buildings types
  • Allows for room clearing drills
  • MOE training
  • Provides the trainee with a realistic urban environment that includes furniture
  • Improve the trainee's decision-making skills
  • Support trainee's ability to Gain better situational awareness
  • Enhance Friend-foe identification skills
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Trango Systems - CQB Expert Kit
The CQB Tactical Training Track is an Advanced training infrastructure solution designed to enhance small units' and forces organic training capabilities thus allowing one simple solution that can be used for complex training.

It is the optimal training solution to enhance forces' micro-tactical abilities and allow for flexible training at all levels.

An advanced kit that allows for a more complex operational movement may include two different advancement paths while allowing multi-fire angles, situational awareness, various fire positions drills, and between cover movements.

The kit enables the following training options:
  • Practice different firing positions
  • Multi-Angle fire
  • Enhance rapid target acquisition capability
  • Practice moving between covers
  • Improve team coordination
  • Gain new decision-making skills
  • Improve trainee situational awareness
  • Enhance Friend-foe identification skills
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Trango Systems - True To Life Training Acessories
Training areas often lack the physical artifacts that characterize a typical urban training arena, such as furniture and accessories in an office or a household. To address this need, Trango has come out with unique functional accessories that allow elevating the level of training by simulating this environment.

Among those products are Trango's vehicle targets can take up to thousands of rounds before they need to be replaced. The vehicle targets are easy to set up in a range or any other training area. There are various models in both 3D and 2D. Depending on the used model, the vehicles can be shot at or shot from.

This family of products include many other realistic accessories such as: friend-or-foe targets, shoot house training furniture, and more. All the products are durable, lightweight, mobile, and weather resistant.
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