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Gantz-Mountain - Fixed Site Installation System

The Fixed Site Installation System (FSIS) provides a turn-key solution for long duration emplacement of the MT-5-R along with RF signature reduction and ability to overcome urban line of sight (LOS) challenges. Product allows the MT-5/MT-5-R ISNs to use CAT-6 cable for communication and to receive Power-over-Ethernet (PoE). FSIS features a rugged FSIS Ethernet Switch for high speed communications with up to five (5) ISNs. The system allows for persistent operations of the MT-5/MT-5-R system without having to switch out batteries and also provides increased refresh rates and data throughput.

NOTE: For expanded area coverage the FSIS can be configured for up to nine (9) ISNs, please contact us for more information on this configuration.
  • High speed communications with new FSIS Ethernet
  • Switch provides dedicated PoE for each ISNs
  • Enhanced Intelligence Automation Viewer Software
  • Small footprint - all components packaged into a small
  • Rugged transport case
  • Turn-key system - all Installation tools as required
  • Military, Law Enforcement, and Security Services
  • Urban and Rural Surveillance
  • Force Protection Ð ideal for safe sites/FOB
  • Critical Infrastructure Protection
  • Executive Protection