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Gantz-Mountain - Long-Range Intelligence Sensor Node (LR-ISN)

The Gantz-Mountain Long Range Intelligence Sensor Node (LR-ISN) features revolutionary packaging of ÒSmart Edge" real-time analytics with artificial intelligence algorithms and behavior analysis at the tactical edge. The LR-ISN is a low visibility long range day and lowlight tactical surveillance capability providing manpower savings, improved decision making and enhanced early warning during surveillance and force protection applications.

  • Available as a turn-key surveillance system or as an option to the MT-5
  • ISN with Long Range Day and Low-Light Cameras
  • Motorized C MOUNT Lens for 20 to 3 Degree FoVs
  • ÒEdge Computing" for automated object detection and behavior analysis at the tactical edge
  • Onboard GPS and Acoustic Sensors
  • Communications backhaul include programmable RF radio, WiFi and IP/PoE
  • Quick and easy to deploy with user friendly GUI interface
  • Compatible with Relay-Intelligence Master Node (R-IMN) for extending local RF and Over the Horizon (OTH) communications
  • Packaged in Ruggedized Enclosure (IP 67)
  • Picatinny Rail System on top
  • Option of Fixed Site Installation System (FSIS) for long-duration applications
  • Option for Pan Tilt Unit Ð coming soon