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Genasys - LRAD DS-60XL
Powered by LRADÕs XL Driver Technology for Greater Area Coverage.Ê The LRAD DS-60XL incorporates LRADÕs award-winning, highly intelligible voice clarity in a smaller form factor for remotely operated public address and life safety communications.Powered by LRADÕs proprietary XL driver technology, the LRAD DS-60XL has a 60¡ 900-meter range and the same form factor as the LRAD DS-60X. When configured in a 360¡ ring array, the broadcast coverage area extends to 2.5 sq. kilometers. LRAD DS-60XL horn systems provide area customizable communication solutions with 60¡ Ð 360¡ broadcast directionality.
  • Rugged, all weather enclosure for permanent outdoor installation
  • Galvanized steel mount with elevation adjustment
  • Optional all-weather electronics cabinet with integrated MP3 player, microphone and network streamer
  • Mass notification and P.A. in one system
  • Available with 70 or 100V transformers for use with P.A. amplifiers (not included)
  • Audio output quickly and easily modulated
  • Unparalleled vocal clarity and intelligibility
  • Safely alert and communicate potentially lifesaving directions during emergency situations