HDT Global - MTH150
HDT's MTH150 is one of the safest and most reliable sources for powered outdoor heat. The heater uses 110 volt power and burns all grades of diesel fuels including the military's JP8. The MTH150 has a powerful fan system delivering 120,000 BTU (35.17 kW) of clean, heated outside air to your tent or duct system. The unit operates with fuel supplied from its integral, fuel tank or from a remote fuel supply. With air ducts attached the heater can run in a 100% recirculation mode, or, a fresh air collar allows for 300 CFM of make-up air. Standard accessories include a parts/maintenance manual, remote thermostat, two 16' x 10' non-CBRN ducts, stack extension and power cord and all but the ducts can be stored onboard.

Additional Information
Model Item Number
MTH150 Heater, 120K BTU - Tan 15000-TAN
MTH150 Heater, 120K BTU - Green 15000-GRN