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L3Harris - AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Device (NVD)
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Home  > L3Harris - AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Device (NVD)
L3Harris - AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Device (NVD)
L3Harris - AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Device (NVD)

L3Harris - AN/PVS-14 Night Vision Device (NVD)

Night Vision Device (NVD).Gen III Night Vision Image Intensifier Tubes are Available in Green and White Phosphor. The AN/PVS-14 is the U.S. military standard for night vision and can be used as either a handheld pocketscope, a right or left eye-mounted monocular, or a weapon sight when mounted in conjunction with an infrared (IR) laser aimer or other night vision-compatible primary optic.

  • Low battery indicator in eyepiece
  • Single AA battery operation
Additional Information
Model Item #
AN/PVS-14 Monocular Kit M914
ADS andÊL3 Insight TechnologyÊworked together to offer customers an easy way to replace the PVS-14 green phosphor tubes with new white phosphor tubes. White Phosphor Tubes White phosphor decreases eye strain, is easily integrated with other technologies (thermal-fused, etc.), and ultimately increases survivability by allowing warfighters to complete their mission accurately and effectively. Benefits:
  • Lowlight and nighttime maneuvers appear more natural in black and white, with added contrast detail in shapes and shadowsÊproviding the operator with more visual informationÊfor assessment and acquisition.
  • White phosphor offers various shades of intensity between black and white (over black and green), resulting inÊbetter contrast and depth perception.
  • There is a markedÊdifference in operational timeÊgoing from approximately four hours for eye strain with green phosphor to 10 hours for eye strain with white phosphor.
How to Buy:
  • Customers can order just the white phosphor tubes and replace them at the Unit level.Ê
    • This would essentially give them a new PVS14 in White phosphor around the same cost of ordering a newÊPVS14.
  • Customers can send their used units back to L3 Insight Technology for upgrading.
    • They can choose from either a repairing of any minor defects or opt for a complete re-kitting.
    • In this instance, the cost is actually equivalent or cheaper than the unit simply purchasing the tubes and they''re basically getting a new night vision device.
This sustainment upgrade allows the customer to more readily enhance their legacy systems with white phosphor tubes thus enhancing warfighter performance. The customer will essentially get back a brand new fully kittedÊPVS-14Êin white phosphor for less than replacing the tubes, will get the budget approved faster, and will receive the product in-hand sooner than going through the stock system. For more information, visit our L3 NVD Sustainment Upgrade page,Êcontact your knowledgeable ADS Representative through the form, or callÊ866.845.3012.