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Home  > Mustang Survival - Compact Damage Tolerant Life Preserver (DTLP)
Mustang Survival - Compact Damage Tolerant Life Preserver (DTLP)
Mustang Survival - Compact Damage Tolerant Life Preserver (DTLP)

Mustang Survival - Compact Damage Tolerant Life Preserver (DTLP)

The unique and innovative technology of Mustang Survival's Compact Damage Tolerant Life Preserver (DTLP) provides an inflatable life-saving product that is functional even after a direct hit from a firearm or ballistic fragmentation. Compact and exhibiting a low profile when packed, the DTLP provides a maximum 65lbs. of buoyancy when fully deployed. This extreme level of buoyancy compensates for nearly all configurations of personal equipment and small arms carried on missions. The DTLP's one-size-fits-all design integrates with almost any tactical vest or armor plate carrier that uses Pouch Attachment Ladder System (PALS) webbing on Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment (MOLLE) vests. The four-point attachment system incorporates side release buckles to permit emergency doffing of the life preserver and allows quick-release vests to fall away
  • MD4030 Inflation - Hammar Auto Hydrostatic Inflator (HIT). Automatically inflates when
  • submerged in 4+ inches of water. No accidental inflations due to humidity, rain, wash or spray.
  • MD4035 Inflation - Halkey Roberts Manual Inflator. Uses 2x 35g CO2 cylinders.
  • Each DTLP contains two inflatable cells made from Radio Frequency (RF) welded, polyurethane
  • coated nylon fabric. Both cells incorporate oral inflation tubes to provide a means to reduce
  • buoyancy or to top-off or fill each bladder, should failure of the CO2 cylinders occur, or if reduced
  • inflation is experienced when operating in cold weather conditions.
  • Both come standard with two Kevlar® ballistic pouches (P/N MA4050). In the event a ballistic
  • impact ruptures the cylinder the Ballistic Cylinder Containment Pouch safely disperses the force
  • of the CO2, and helps prevent the cylinder from becoming a projectile (MD4035FR only) while
  • containing dangerous fragments.