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Nomad GCS - Man Portable Network & Surveillance Nodes (MPNN & MPSN)

The Nomad MPNN & MPSN were engineered from the ground up to provide a quickly deployable, man portable tool to deliver and extend video surveillance operations and MESH network coverage when traditional vehicle or trailer based solutions are unpractical. With an integrated rechargeable battery pack with network health monitoring (battery levels, network health, etc), the MPNN and MPSN have typical operational times of 6-10 hours depending on operational use before battery replacement is required.

System configurations are mission driven and available with man-portable tripods with heights from 4' to 24' to delivery multi-camera HD quality PTZ video surveillance tools and network extension solutions.

The MPNN & MPSN was designed to provide a cost effective, reliable and scalable component in an overall MESH network or to be used as a stand-alone resource for surveillance applications.

When Every Minute Matters, the Nomad MPNN & MPSN weighs less than 50lbs and can be fully deployed in under 5 minutes.

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