Ops-Core - Sentry

The Ops-Core Sentry XP provides the same level of protection head coverage as the U.S. Army ACH/ECH with improved interoperability between communication headsets, visors and accessories for mandible protection. It also provides better hearing localization than the ACH with a modified ear area shape; and is compatible with the Ops-Core RAC headset and other in-ear communication devices.

  • Innovative hybrid composite design featuring best-in-class materials and game changing processing techniques that weigh 1/2 lbs. less than the ACH while meeting all ballistic fragmentation performance requirements of the U.S. Army's CO/PD-0504 2007 specification
  • An Ops-Core Worm-Dial adjustable fit band with replaceable front, nape and side pads quickly and easily detach to allow convenient donning/doffing of communications headsets with headbands, while being more compact.
  • Highly compatible with accessories and third party components, the Ops-Core Skeleton Shroud and ACR's allow users to attach various accessories and third party components.
  • Size: Medium, Large, X-Large, XX-Large
  • Color: Black, Green, Desert MARPAT, MultiCam®, Urban Tan
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Sentry Helmet71-99-XXX