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Otis - T-Mod Cleaning System
For a team environment, Otis offers the T-Mod Cleaning System. This system offers the cleaning and maintenance tools to support a squad of soldiers and their weapons. Designed to clean and maintain all 5.56mm & 7.62mm rifles and 9mm & .45 cal pistols.
  • Four (4) firearm-specific bronze bore brushes remove deposits and other fouling
  • 5.56mm chamber brush and rods for proper cleaning of chamber
  • 8" & 30" Memory-Flex® cables for effective and correct Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning
  • Specialized prediction tools for complete breakdown and fine cleaning of all critical and hard to reach areas of your weapon
  • Optics cleaning gear for care and maintenance of scopes, rangefinders, night vision equipment and more
  • Four (4) firearm-specific Ripcords® for a quick, one-pass clean