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RightEye, Inc. - Vision System Solution
RightEye, Inc. - Vision System Solution

RightEye, Inc. - Vision System Solution

The FDA-cleared?RightEye?Vision System™ tests, records, and analyzes eye movement patterns that allow military performance?specialists?to?fully?understand,?baseline, and improve a warfighters' dynamic vision. Analyzing a?dozen?measures?per?millisecond,?RightEye?tracks?and records?where a user's eyes are?looking and compare it to where they should be looking?-?for better results. When split-second?visual?decisions are a matter of life or death, the?proper?eye movement?patterns help keep?personnel?safe. Graphical, easy to read,?RightEye?assessment reports compare users to various normative data, including the world's?most elite?performance-based?dynamic vision?subjects. Each assessment report provides the information needed to assist in the design of treatment programs that?allowing?warfighters?to home in on?areas for?improvement. The?RightEye?Dynamic Vision?Trainer™ offers customizable exercises?designed to?provide new ways to train the?warfighter's oculomotor skills?and reach their?full visual?potential.?It is simple and intuitive for everyone who uses it.?This really is the?next generation?of visual performance training. FEATURES:
  • Sharpshooters require nearly perfect pursuits?to?scan?and fixations to aim.
  • Tactical Teams demand near-instant?reaction times?to make the right decision at the right time.
  • Every soldier needs?accurate?eye movements?to quickly assess any?possible threats in a?dynamic environment.
  • Recruiters can use the?RightEye?system to?measure elite visual performance, so they can recruit the best.