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SSK Military Industries, Inc. - Military CYPRES 2 1000/35A

The Military CYPRES 2 1000/35A is a parachute Automatic Activation Device which initiates reserve deployment in emergency situations. It has an activation altitude of approx. 1,000 ft above the DZ when a vertical speed of approx. 35 m/s (78mph) and greater is achieved.

This model is designed for versatile military use and is recommended for solo jumps carrying very light or no equipment. The activation setting reflects the short opening distance of smaller tactical square parachutes. It can also be used on the bundle for MTTB jumps. Consult with the manufacturer of your parachute/container system for additional assistance.

The referenced part number is for the 1-Pin version and includes Lifetime Maintenance (LTM). Other variants, such as the 2-Pin version are available.