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Strategic Operations - TCCC/EMS Cut Suit
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Strategic Operations - TCCC/EMS Cut Suit
Strategic Operations - TCCC/EMS Cut Suit

Strategic Operations - TCCC/EMS Cut Suit

The main goals of Tactical Combat Casualty Care (TCCC/EMS) are to treat the casualty, prevent additional casualties, and complete the mission. The TCCC Cut Suit is specially designed to accomplish these goals in training.
  • Features Unique to the TCCC Cut Suit:
  • The system weighs approximately 20 lbs.
  • Clothing, uniform, body armor, and equipment is useable over the Cut Suit.
  • The system allows for interaction with a live patient during the emergency assessment and treatment process.
  • The skin is user repairable, allowing for multiple uses per unit.
  • User created and customizable wound patterns.
  • Procedures Currently Available on the TCCC Cut Suit:
  • Extremity Hemorrhage Control with Tourniquet Application,
  • Arterial Ligation/Clamping, And Internal Compression* (Wound-Void Packing).
  • Surgical Cricothyroidotomy
  • Bilateral Anterior and Auxiliary Chest Needle Thoracentesis
  • Bilateral Surgical Chest-Tube Thoracotomy
  • Suturingand Stapling Of Skin In All Locations
  • Peripheral IV Access
  • Sternal Intraosseous Iv Access
  • Peripheral IV Medication Administration